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What we do, the way we go about it, and why

We are primarily interested in putting the internet to work for you and your business, and doing so in ways which allow that to happen effectively, and at a realistic cost. The basic principle underlying our services, our research, and our approach is that technology should be in the service of what people want to do, rather than the other way around.

Whether you have a general plan, or really specific needs, our interest is in matching the resources of the internet to your needs. You might want to begin with a simple website to have a presence on the web, and list your business in directories or for search engines: we can start you there, and make it work. Or, you might already have a working site, and wish to develop it. You might want to move into online retailing. Or you might want to set up resources which allow your staff to work online. Or you might have something else in mind.

Whatever your needs, we aim to match available resources to your view of where you want to be. If we can add something to your insights, then well and good. Our approach to integrating internet technologies into your business entails exploring possibilities - this is what we do - and matching these possibilities against what specific needs you have.

Simple websites which serve your basic aims. No flashing bits. And we apply the same approach to community organisation and family websites, and to sports organisation websites.

Function over form. Form is good, and better if it serves function. Or at least, doesn't hinder it.
arborio.com: website development and hosting, e commerce development, hosting and management, web photography.
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