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Some recent projects


Other projects of interest include:
  • Netucator, a division of Tutornet, Inc., which utilised a java application, or applet, to enable online collaboration between qualified teachers and students who subscribe to the service. Arborio.com was involved in consultations related to establishing Tutornet operations in the Asia-Pacific region, implementing and managing online training of teachers and trainers in the use of the platform, and the development of pedagogy related to the use of the platform for training purposes. Consideration of application of the concept in commercial and industrial training contexts was also undertaken.
  • RICE. The Research in Computers in Education group maintained a server out of the Faculty of Education at Deakin University for several years, and pioneered the use of and promotion of learning technologies in classrooms across Australia.
arborio.com: website development and hosting, e commerce development, hosting and management, web photography.
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